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Entrance Tree Draping

Please note: this item is only available to ceremonies held in the Waterfall Deck area.

Optional Extra’s Available 

Chandelier in Tree

2 x Fresh Greenery Posy 


Memorial Display

A ghost chair is set out to display photos of your loved ones who can not be with you on your wedding day. BYO photo(s) in frame(s).

Set-up includes: chair, a heartfelt message on miniature easel, hurricane lantern glassware with lit pillar candle.

Please note: in conjunction with the helpful staff at Bundaleer, you may request to have this display moved onto your gift table inside the reception space. Advise us if you would like this to happen and we can arrange to have your photo(s) and candle moved for free.

Wine Barrel Stand

Please note this item is for the wine barrel only. BYO embellishments or order through us.

Optional extra: Easel for signage

Botanical Toss

Includes: rustic crate display, instructional signage, 8 x paper bags (1 per row at ceremony; for guests to pass along and share) filled with fresh, seasonal botanicals for tossing.

Fresh Petal Cones in Hamper

Includes Hamper, Signage, 30 Paper Cones filled with Fresh Rose Petals (your choice in colour)

Cooling Station

Includes table, signage and ice buckets.

BYO beverages.