We’re a family owned, small business based at Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens.

Let us introduce ourselves because we would love to welcome you to Bundaleer, a relaxed and fun place to be married.

We can say first-hand, it’s the best place to be married.  How do we know? Marie-Claire and Keenan were married at Bundaleer in 2015 and members of the Styling Team and the Bundaleer Team organised and attended the wedding. Between us, we’ve not only been stylists & newlyweds at Bundaleer but guests too and we know for sure that the little slice of paradise we all know, and love is just as charming and peaceful no matter the time of day or year you’re getting married. You’ve made a beautiful choice.

Marie-Claire is the Creative Director, Lead Floral Designer and Stylist at Marie-Claire Designs.

Marie-Claire is a wife, mother of two young girls and the owner of this family business. With a background in styling for film and stage productions, crafting sets on the Gold Coast, in Hollywood and on-location in Los Angeles, Marie-Claire has over 10 years industry experience working on weddings at Bundaleer. Marie-Claire is also a trained Floral Designer and Calligrapher, describing her creative style as a fusion of Australian and American processes and influences. During her career, Marie-Claire has received styling, floral, event & production training with the following agencies:

The New York Film Academy, Gold Coast and Los Angeles.

The Flower School, Brisbane

Zimmerman Events, Arkansas (United States)

Pixie Dust Calligraphy, Brisbane

Sinclair and Moore, Seattle (United States)

Clare is a Stylist & Creative Associate.

Clare has a key interest in picturesque & inspiring events with front-of-house experience at Mercedes Benz fashion week and at Bridge to Brisbane, Queensland’s largest fun run. Clare joined the team in 2018 and has received specialised, industry training to become the Floral Designer and versatile Stylist that she is today.

Amy is a Styling Assistant (and Global Humanitarian Aid Worker).

Amy began working in the wedding industry as a student, often in charge of V.I. P’s. and front-of-house services. Amy has a wealth of industry knowledge, specific to Bundaleer and joined our team in 2017 to assist in the set-up and pack-down processes.

Keenan is a Creative Associate and Engineer.

Keenan is Marie-Claire’s husband, a skilled Civil Engineer and Builder during the week … Honourable crew member on the weekends. Keenan has been assembling weddings alongside us since 2014. When he is not at his actual profession, he is our right-hand man.

Apprentice Junior Stylists.

Our daughters Riley & Helena contribute to our Blooper Real regularly, either in frame during the photography process or making noises in the background of filming. Our family business wouldn’t be the same without them. Together, they have a keen eye for anything fragile, and impeccable timing for needing a drink at the Bundaleer water cooler. We love to include them in life at Bundaleer as they have grown up on the property and Bundaleer is a part of who we all are.