Frequently Asked Questions

We offer an al la cart service where you can pick and choose which rentals, floral design and décor items you wish to include in your wedding day, right from the catalogue of options on our website. To book your floral and event styling through our website, simply add an item to your cart, doing so provides you with a running total of your order. You will be prompted to fill out essential information such as wedding date and location(s) and to provide flower colours, text for personalised calligraphy, number of guest and bridal tables etc. if required. We manually process the booking to create your unique wedding file then we email an invoice to you shortly after with payment information. This process can take up to a few business days depending on our on-site/admin schedule at the time.
Similar to a lay-by. We do not require full payment at the time you place your order. To secure your booking a deposit of $250 is required and full payment is not due until 21 days prior to your wedding. You can pay the invoice in full or make instalment payments, simply send us the payment remittence as you go.
We recommend booking early to avoid disappointment of items selling out; we suggest ordering your styling within the first two months of booking your Bundaleer wedding. This allows you to make design choices with momentum and gives you peace of mind, knowing that your items are reserved for you thus allowing you to enjoy the rest of your engagement.
Think of our service like Butler service at a resort; if you want your best friend by your side on your wedding day, toasting to your love story and your mum zipping up your wedding dress, then trust in our team of professionals to do the set up for you. In turn, you get to make those beautiful memories with your loved ones. The alternative is sending them to Bundaleer on your wedding day to set up and missing out on spending that quality time together. Allowing us to style your wedding is a service that we believe is great value based on that merit alone. Over the years, hundreds of couples have trusted us to style their Bundaleer wedding and it’s a pleasure that we hold in very high regard. We set up all hire items, floral design and décor items ordered through us. We also set up any BYO items associated with our rentals such as seating chart cards on our seating chart, sparklers for our send-off stall, blankets for the winter warmers stand, water bottles for the cooling station etc. We do so in the locations we believe best serve these items. Trust that we have an expert eye in layout, functionality and design. We do not set up items included in your Bundaleer package such as ceremony and reception chairs and tables or hospitality items such as cutlery and glassware. Bundaleer does this. When you drop off your alcohol to Bundaleer, you will also drop off any BYO styling items. As part of your table setting, Bundaleer offer placement of any BYO paper goods such as seating cards and dinner menus. Bundaleer staff will lay out your BYO gift table items such as your guest book and any additional décor you wish to include (within limit). This is something to confirm with Bundaleer during your checklist appointments or via email (
We offer a variety of Bride & Bridesmaid Bouquets, Buttonholes for the Groom, Groomsmen and VIP’s, Toss-away Bouquets for your bouquet toss and petals for your flower girls & boys.
On average, our couples spend between two and five thousand dollars with us to style their wedding; a combination of floral design, rentals and décor items; encompassing ceremony, reception and tabletops. There is no minimum spend and weddings with larger guest numbers tend to need bigger budgets.

Bundaleer provide either round or rectangular tables for your reception. Most often the head table is made up of 1 – 2 rectangular tables that are joined together and made to look like 1 banquet-style table. Your guest tables then follow suit in either round or rectangle table layouts. The Bundaleer rectangle head tables can seat a maximum of 5 persons per 1 table.

The rectangle tables seat up to 6 – 8 people comfortably, this is 3 – 4 persons either side. Any less than 6 persons sitting at a rectangle table can begin to look a bit sparse. The round tables seat 8 – 10 people comfortably and can begin to look a bit empty seating less than 6 people. When ordering your rectangle head table and guest table styling please consider the number of tables required rather than the number of long rows. Please refer to the diagrams below to see how the room layouts can be broken down into individual tables so you’ll know how many tables to order styling for.
Yes, absolutely. For example, you may choose to style your bridal table with our fresh, lush foliage tablescape and your guest tables adorned in rustic charm. Simply book the correct amount of each style at check-out.
We’ve worked on hundreds of weddings, with an all-in approach to each wedding and we know that the most precious memories are of the moments a couple carve out for their guests to share in with them. Our advice is to service the big moments – the petal toss at your ceremony as you take your first steps as Newlyweds. The lawn games for your guests to enjoy as you are occupied during the wedding photography time. The sparkler send-off as you depart from your loved ones for the evening. Along with the entrance to your reception, your first dance as a married couple and the cutting of your wedding cake; these are our highly recommended, top three elements that we offer.
Yes, for select designs only; there is an option to display your flowers at your ceremony location and again on your reception tables or in the pre-dinner drinks area. This service incurs a fee to cover the costs associated with labour. Items that qualify for this service are identified on the website and you can add this service to your cart as with any item. Not all designs qualify as some mechanics are unable to be moved; florals attached to arches, structures and backdrops cannot be moved to your reception; arches themselves cannot be moved. This service is great value and can offset the cost of our higher end arrangements, allowing you to pay for your floral designs once yet style two locations as if you had purchased double the number of florals, saving you a lot of money. It is an advantage to working with us, it’s not often a vendor will provide this service. We believe it’s a huge cost saver to you and an element that should be considered in your overall design, if you’re wanting maximum floral impact at both of your locations then this is an optional extra to take advantage of. We go above and beyond to offer this custom service because we know that weddings are a time to include flowers and staying within budget is made easier with this exclusive service.
A small transaction fee applies per booking to cover the costs associated with administration services. A delivery, set up and pack-down charge is included in the item price and covers the cost associated with delivering florals and rentals to Bundaleer, setting them up in their location(s) and returning for pack down services. This charge covers the cost of delivery vehicles, set-up equipment including but not limited to large scale ladders and all terrain trolley’s, the pack down process and returning rentals & vehicles to our warehouse. This charge also covers the labour associated with planning and production days, day-of event and the pack-down period. There are a lot of hard costs in this industry such as labour and supplier rates where the industry sets the price on florals & mechanics, laundering, equipment, petrol, employees, studio and warehouse fees etc. Our team of professionals’ work weekends, away from our young families and it should not be an expectation that we undertake unpaid work in an endeavour to style your wedding.
Bundaleer reserve an additional ceremony location for you as an undercover option should inclement weather occur on the day of your wedding. Our ceremony setup location is confirmed no later than 8am on the day of your wedding and your styling will be set up as per the weather at this time. This is the best way to handle inclement weather as often, the forecast of an afternoon storm will dissolve or miss Bundaleer altogether so setting up as per the weather at 8am best serves you. Our team leaves Bundaleer once your set up is complete. In the event of requiring an undercover ceremony, Bundaleer can aid in moving small floral and event items such as signage, easels and aisle-way florals if allowable. Arches, backdrops (such as tree draping) and structures cannot be moved due to inclement weather and will stay in the location confirmed at 8am. Although requiring an undercover ceremony is unlikely you are able to book styling for the additional ceremony area in the undercover location at the stage area. The same costs apply to outdoor and undercover ceremony styling and we can style both areas on the day of your wedding if you wish.
In the same way you wouldn’t ask to be refund by your dress maker if it were to rain on your wedding day the same sentiment should apply to our services. Our team work to process your order, create the floral and event designs and then deliver and set-up your ceremony items irrespective of an afternoon weather event. We then work to pack-down, launder and storehouse your ceremony items. Weekend work is time away from our young families and it should not be an expectation that we refund you should you require an undercover ceremony, especially in the case of laborious installations like arches and tree draping. Most often, inclement weather clears up during the course of your wedding reception and the outdoor ceremony items we set-up can absolutely be used during your allocated photography session times or after dinner service – especially for your intimate portraits. This constitutes as usage and we encourage you and your photographer to take advantage of it, weather permitting or not. We reserve the right to withhold the set-up of a chandelier outdoors if the threat of inclement weather is present; rather, working to install the chandelier in the undercover zone. You are not entitled to a refund in the event a chandelier is installed undercover and the weather clears up and you are able to hold the ceremony outdoors. In its undercover position, the chandelier is set for your exclusive use throughout your whole reception for yourselves, your bridal party and your guests to enjoy both visually and in photography.
This decision can be as simple as choosing the space that depicts the bigger nod to your background and lifestyle as a couple. The Treetops Room is the space for you if your roots are rural or from the country, you’re fairly easy going & relaxed as a couple with a no fuss approach to your great love story, perhaps you or your partner have a heritage from abroad and want to treat your overseas relatives to a typical Australiana night of nights; the Treetops Room has got you covered. The White Marquee is for the couple who want a garden setting filled with charm and grandeur. From the grand lawn to the ceiling height, it epitomises ‘the destination wedding’, without the effort of requiring your guests to travel beyond Brisbane. It’s a nod to the traditional wedding; softened, given its rainforest setting. If you’re the type of couple who subtlety enjoys the finesse in life, then the White Marquee is the space for you.
  1. Take advantage of our flower-moving service and reuse your flowers throughout the wedding. This service applies to select floral designs only. Pay once, show off your flowers twice; at the ceremony and again at the reception.
  2. Your reception can be watered down in candlelight. Alternate between fresh arrangements and a candle light tablescape on your reception tables. This allows for you to still include some beautiful, large scale, feature, floral designs throughout your reception and you can save on the tables displaying candle light. Hint: an odd number of both varieties works the best. For example – if you have 8 round guest tables choose to have 5 set with floral arrangements and 3 set with candles only. Note: we recommend flowers for the head table.
  3. In most cases, your ceremony will be photographed a lot. The iconic first moment your partner lays eyes on you as you walk toward them. The moment you arrive at the altar and meet each other’s gaze. The vows. The first kiss. Allow for your budget to include floral designs in this area, especially to frame the two of you; flowers serve to enhance the experience. The pre-dinner drinks portion of the event is usually photographed the least – you could do without flowers here, rather investing into your ceremony floral design.
Bundaleer does not allow the use of ladders on site to aid in any DIY styling. This is something they entrust our team to do. We do not allow other parties to install any arrangements (floral, lighting, signage etc) on any of our arches, structures, backdrops, wine barrels or any other styling items. If you are interested in BYO styling items that require an expert installation, we may be able to accommodate your request via a custom quote so please reach out with any inquiries. For any BYO items such as centrepieces, guest favours, paper goods, table numbers etc. requiring placement on your reception tables: you will need to arrange set-up directly with Sasha at Bundaleer as she will allocate Bundaleer staff members to provide this service. This is not our area of service unless items have been ordered through us at Marie-Claire Designs.
32 x white, Americana-style guest chairs | makes 4 x rows of 8 with aisle down the middle 1 x signing table 2 x white, Americana-style chairs for signing table Power source for music & microphone (music provided by celebrant) Optional (included in the price but not compulsory): 2 x Grecian pillar aisle markers with faux topiary arrangement 1 x red carpet for aisle
Clothed tables (white linen) in your choice of rectangle or round or both (rectangle bridal and round guest tables) to include:
  • Bridal table
  • Guest tables
  • Cake table
  • Gift table
  • DJ table (black linen)
Place Settings & Table Setting Include:
  • Silverware : dinner knife & fork & desert spoon per person
  • Linen look napkin per person (white)
  • Salt & Pepper Shakers per table (white)
Americana Chairs per person (white) Lectern for speeches Overhead feature chandeliers Fairy lit ceiling Wishing-well for your Gift Table that you may have opted to hire ? (check your invoice) Scattered wine barrels around Bar area for Alfresco mingling  
The Jacaranda Tree located at the Ceremony Area for Marquee Weddings begins to bloom in late spring / early summer each year or, roughly the third week of October.
It takes roughly 40 seconds per person (or couple) to walk down the aisle from the entrance to the celebrant. A song duration of 2:30 – 3:00 minutes is usually enough time for 4 – 5 people to arrive. The exact duration will depend on the number of members to walk.