Flower Moving Service

$75.00 + GST

For select designs only; there is an option to display your flowers at your ceremony location and again on your reception tables or in the pre-dinner drinks area. This service incurs a fee to cover the costs associated with labour. Items that qualify for this service are identified on the product description and you can add this service to your cart as with any item. Not all designs qualify as some mechanics are unable to be moved; florals attached to arches, structures and backdrops cannot be moved to your reception; arches themselves cannot be moved.

This service is great value and can offset the cost of our higher end arrangements, allowing you to pay for your floral designs once yet style two locations as if you had purchased double the number of florals, saving you a lot of money.  It is an advantage to working with us, it’s not often a vendor will provide this service. We believe it’s a huge cost saver to you and an element that should be considered in your overall design, if you’re wanting maximum floral impact at both of your locations then this is an optional extra to take advantage of. We go above and beyond to offer this custom service because we know that weddings are a time to include flowers and staying within budget is made easier with this great value service.

Please note: if you would like us to move flowers that you have provided yourselves (DIY set-up) we will need to know some more information before confirming this service applies to you. Simply upload a photo of your DIY flowers below or send us an email to discuss the specifics.

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