Our Process

We plan and design your wedding day in three main parts.

Phase one | processing your order

As exciting as it is for you to place your order with us, we receive it with such a thrill. We love to learn about your wedding – starting with the date you have chosen to say I do. Is it a summer wedding…? Perhaps a spring marriage…? Could they be winter nuptials…? Or an autumn affair? It is delightful to find out. Then we get to discover the elements you’ve chosen to include in your big day – from your ceremony to your farewell, we see the flower inspiration you send us, the way you personalise our signs, we get to know how many people you are expecting to join you by the amount of reception tables you book us to style. It’s all very exciting as we prepare to be a part of the great celebration that your commitment to each other commands. And we’re all in.

Then we think to ourselves how awesome you are for choosing Bundaleer as your wedding venue because we know from experience that it’s an incredible journey down the aisle and into the reception among the trees at Bundaleer; picturesque one day, beautiful the next. You get it. You feel it too. You’ll always feel it. It really is a certain kind of magic that Bundaleer casts upon you.

Creating your styling profile is the next step in this initial design phase. We compile the data we receive into a mood board for your event. We lock in the production team for your wedding day, submit our design brief and source flowers with our supplier/s, we allocate and reserve warehouse items for your wedding; from arches and fabrics to vessels and glassware. We submit orders for stock such as candles, floral mechanics and paper goods; right down to thumbtacks and chalkboard markers, if required. There are a lot of moving parts to the design phase.

Phase two | production day & wedding day set up

We take a trip out to the flower markets where we source your wedding flowers by hand. Some are locally grown, some are ordered in from abroad just for you. Your flowers are then brought to our studio and we process and storehouse them in our flower fridges.

Floral design happens next, and our team of designers create arrangements in your colour pallet using the fresh, seasonal flowers and greens sourced for the style of arrangement you selected. 

Preparations are made in your ceremony and receptions locations. Room layouts are assembled, and linens are laid. Our design items are delivered and setup on the tables and surrounds; textiles, tea light candles, table numbers, centrepiece décor, signage, wishing well, seating chart; rental items such as cake tables and send-off stalls; we set this all up.

Ceremony arches and backdrops arrive and are installed in their locations; they’re fitted with textiles and corresponding fresh flowers and greens. The layout for your nuptials is assembled and an aisle is carved into the space – the area is dressed in flowers, carpets and markers; signage is set-up and petals for tossing and scattering are laid out.

Meanwhile, in the reception location; lawn games are assembled, awaiting the company of your guests. Flowers and greens are being carried to the table tops inside the reception and set up on the tablescape. Paper goods are added to the place settings. Bundaleer staff begin their tableware set-up and individual place settings are finalised amongst glassware and guest favours. Candles are the last detail; to be lit inside the reception room mere moments before the doors open or the curtain comes down for your guests to be invited inside.

And then the magic truly happens… a tranquil, candlelit moment is experienced by your nearest and dearest as they make their way inside the reception space and to their seats, marvelling at the romance, the atmosphere, the natural surrounds and eagerly anticipating your entrance into the room, seeing you for the first time that night as Newlyweds.

Then you dine and dance and toast to living your best life together and then the big farewell moment happens all too soon; the iconic goodbye, the flashing of faces before you as you exit your own wedding party. The lingering smiles on your guest faces as they soak up the joy one last time. That’s what it’s all about. That’s the reason why you decided to have the traditional wedding you had.

What a day you think to yourselves as you depart Bundaleer, glowing in the buzz of it all.

Phase three | the unsung pack up

The sun rises and our team return to Bundaleer with our equipment to unload the former glory that was your wedding day.

Items are located (you’d be surprised how far your guests are capable of hitting a croquet ball), décor is cleaned, packed and returned to the warehouse; fabrics are sent to laundering services, floral designs are decanted, and their mechanics uninstalled. Ladders and all-terrain trolleys aid us in the various approaches we take to removing the beautiful production that served you oh so well the day before... and then we do it again – we think to ourselves what a cool, married couple you will make. We take a moment to appreciate how you choose to work with us as the pretty backdrop to your big day and then we send you a silent nod, to the good life.